Conversazioni sul cinema/Conversations on Cinema

Cinema is entertainment or a way of life? A fun or a way of thinking? And how is possible to think the present and the contemporary starting from cinema? These are some questions that circulate in Conversations on Cinema, a bilingual book (Italian/English) which contains  eleven conversations, from the journal “Fata Morgana”, with some of the most important philosophers and contemporary filmmakers: from Roberto Esposito to Paul Schrader, through Jean-Luc Nancy, Angela Ricci Lucchi and Yervant Gianikian, Jean-Louis Comolli, Paul Jedlowski, Julio Bressane, Werner Herzog, Slavoj Žižek, Georges Didi-Huberman, Jacques Rancière. Eleven conversations in which we talk about cinema as art  to think about the present and the major contemporary issues such as life, the archive, the nature, the desire, the sacred, through various perspectives (philosophical, sociological and anthropological) but with a common ground of comparison defined by the relationship between concepts and images. Conversations on a theme and on cinema, trying to think of the cinema from its unique position among the ‘contemporary forms of expression’, ie from the chief form in which it is able to talk us about the present and what a closer we are concerned.


AA. VV., Conversazioni sul cinema/Conversations on Cinema, Pellegrini Editore, Cosenza 2010 (€ 20,00)