Reasons for disagreement.
Conversation with Jacques Rancière
edited by Roberto De Gaetano

The place of disagreement
Pietro Montani

The lateral movement of images
Dork Zabunyan

Pretending disagreement
Bruno Besana

An archaeology of images. Found footage documentaries
Emilio Bernini

Disagreement of images: photography and politics
Marcello Walter Bruno

Revolution 2.0
Dario Cecchi

From video to cinema. Disagreement in Cinico Tv
Andrea Inzerillo

Tommaso Ariemma

Formal disagreement in dysnarrative cinema
Dominique Chateau

The ‘in between-space’ of the image
Roberto De Gaetano


Che: revolution and repetition
Alessandro Cappabianca

Conflicts. Rachel Getting Married
Daniela Angelucci

The hidden smile of Straub-Huillet
Salvatore Tedesco

The drunken vessel. Z32
Luciano Barisone

Disagreement in Connecticut: Revolutionary Road
Simona Busni

Space of disagreement. The Hurt Locker
Clio Nicastro

On whose side? Vogliamo anche le rose
Antonio Russo