An anti-cinema is needed to express the sacred”
A Conversation with Paul Schrader
by Alessandro Canadè and Bruno Roberti


The residue
Alessandro Cappabianca

Sainthood only after abandonment. Bazin and the sacred
Marco Grosoli

Dialectics of the sacred
Daniele Dottorini

“Nutibus indicabo”. Cinema and the eschatological reserve of the sacred
Massimo Iiritano

Empathy and incarnation
Bruno Roberti

The sacrifice of the Logos
Alessio Scarlato

Hierophanies and sacrificial crises
Federico Giordano

“Domesticity in the world”: Animality and sacred
Felice Cimatti

Pasolini, Marilyn and the departure of the gods from Earth
Sandro Bernardi


The sacredness of the victim: Eastwood’s Gran Torino
Roberto De Gaetano

Ordet and the Lutheran conception of the divine rhetoric
Salvatore Tedesco

Sacred forms in Bresson’s Cinematography
Luciano De Giusti

Salomè, or on subtraction
Ada Biafore e Andrea Amoroso

Heretical forms of sacredness. Notes on L’ordre by Pollet and Nenette by Philibert
Carlo Chatrian

The unspeakable in the sacred. On the subject of Dekalog 2 by Kieślowski
Alessandra Campo

Towards the dissolution of the angel. Sokurov’s Madame Bovary
Denis Brotto

The cinema of Amos Gitai between Kadosh and Plus tard tu comprendras
Daniela Turco

Sacred visions. Mary by Abel Ferrara
Alessandro Canadè

The sacredness of martyrdom. Martyrs by Pascal Laugier
Franco Marineo

Dexter and the sacrificial rite
Elena Ezechielli

Modernity in the sacred. Lorna’s silence by Luc e Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Alessia Cervini