The (always) phantom territory.
A conversation with Raoul Ruiz
edited by Alessia Cervini and Bruno Roberti



The identity of territory as a place and as a landscape
Luisa Bonesio

Sublime lands. Space, ethnohistories, and machines capable of seeing
Carmelo Marabello

Territorial anguish and cultural redemption in the myth of yol
Sergio Arecco

Cinema, city, surreality
Vincenzo Cuomo

Geophilosophy of territories
Ilaria Gatti

Von Trier’s Flatland
Miriam Visalli

“The move to the woods” in Italian cinema
Alessandro Poli

Documentary cinematographies
Marco Bertozzi

Video as a “Zone”
Valentina Valentini


A place where something appears. The woods near Buti in Straub e Huillet
Rinaldo Censi

Creating spaces: Days of Heaven
Clio Nicastro

Nomad spaces: Kusturica’s Time of the Gypsies
Greta Himmelspach

Hou Hsiao-hsien’s island gaze: Goodbye South, Goodbye
Simona Previti

The territory and the mirror: fragmented memories in Ruiz’s films
Elena Aiello

Chinese Spectres. The “factory that isn’t there” according to Gianni Amelio
Emiliano Morreale

Re-territorialization. Hidden by Haneke
Antonietta Petrelli

There will be blood: the oilman and the revealed entropy
Simona Busni

Between earth and escape. Where the Wild Things Are by Jonze
Maria Chiara Gianolla

Going back to our roots: Terra Madre by Olmi
Diego Mondella

Stray Cinema: between material and digital geography
Marzia Morteo

The enchantment of a place: Un lugar en el cine by Alberto Morais
Bruno Roberti