The Nature of Emotions
A Conversation with David Freedberg
Edited by Alessia Cervini



Everything Out! Emotions as Atmospheres
Tonino Griffero

The Emotional Time of the Spectator in Feeling and Form by Susanne K. Langer
Dario Cecchi

Expression and Emotion in the Photographic Portrait
Emanuele Crescimanno

Boredom as an Aesthetic Category
Alessandro Alfieri

Emotion and Ecstasy: Socialist Realism and Eisenstein's work
Massimo Olivero

Images in Movement, Emotions in Images
Marco Deodati

The Emotion Column
Daniele Tagliafico, Enrico Terrone

It's Only a Novel... Jane Austin, Sentiment and Emotions
Claudia Stancati

Edith Stein Goes to the Movies
Adriano D'Aloia

The Emotion of the Actor among Paradoxes, Relationships and Abstractions
Carlo Fanelli

Full Eyes and Wandering Hands
Filippo Fimiani

The Event and the Emotion: Del tuffarsi e dell'annegarsi by Paolo Gioli
Marco Senaldi

Glances and Innocence. The Amator by Kieslowski
Leeanne Minter

Spectators of Dictatorship: Tony Manero by Pablo Larraín
Massimiliano Coviello

Mysteries of Love: Mullholland Drive
Chiara Mangiarotti

The sharing of the pain in the Gianikian and Ricci Lucchi's trilogy
Alessandra Campo

Visions and Reality: What's Missing in Gomorra by Matteo Garrone
Margherita Ganeri

Avatar: The Gaze Immersed in the World
Diego Mondella

A Test for Life: Empathy in Blade Runner
Andrea Pinotti