On the Feminine Creative Power of Cinema
A Conversation with Marco Bellocchio
Edited by Daniele Dottorini and Bruno Roberti



The Immanent Image
Roberto De Gaetano

“Omnipotence of Plasma”. On the Subject of Natural Law by Ejzenštejn
Salvatore Tedesco

The Fragility of Potency
Tommaso Ariemma

Singularity, potency, commonality
Paolo B. Vernaglione

Potency/Impotence of the National Imagination
Fortunato M. Cacciatore

On some Paradoxes of the Subjective in Photography
Giacomo Daniele Fragapane

The Potency of the Female in Bellocchio’s Films
Alessia Cervini

Fascism and the Desire for Images
Daniele Dottorini

Agamben: Filming Life, Profaning the Image
Benjamin Noys

Si può essere Medea. Ma si può anche non essere Medea. Médée Miracle by Tonino De Bernardi
Marco Grosoli

The Power of the Living Being, the Reality of the Image: Persona by Bergman
Clio Nicastro

The Potency of Vacuum: from Rothko to Antonioni
Simone Arcagni

The Flight on the Edge of Humanity: The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner
Claudia Barolo

The Forbidden Potential: Echoes from a Somber Empire
Ada Biafore

The Potential Mechanism. Match Point by Woody Allen
Luigi Porto

Gattaca: Power, Potency, Possibility
Maria Chiara Gianolla

Vincere: Mussolini vs Dalser
Marina Pellanda

Overcoming the Limits of the Human Eye: Powers of Ten by Charles & Ray Eames
Anna Poli

Stan Brakhage and the Potential Image
Andrea Amoroso

Against War: Photography According to James Nachtwey
Emanuele Crescimanno

Blue, the chromatic and sonorous power
Luca Venzi