On the Feminine Creative Power of Cinema.
A Conversation with Marco Bellocchio
Edited by Daniele Dottorini and Bruno Roberti

The theme of the conversation, the power of images, with Marco Bellocchio unfolds through a reflection on all his work. From his early works to his recent film Vincere (2009), the theme of potency grows more articulated and multifaceted. Bellocchio initially talks about a negative idea of power which overturns life and destroys vital impulses. He then identifies the power of resistance with the female figure and defines a sort of battle zone in which woman is the only opponent to the life destroying power. Finally, he talks about cinema itself and defines it as a a control device which also is also able to release imagination. The conversation outlines a detailed and complex reflection on Bellocchio’s poetics as well as his idea of cinema and its transformations throughout thesecond half of the 20th century.