Singularity, potency, commonality
Paolo B. Vernaglione

The topic of this essay is the idea of singularity as the potency of what is common seen through the interaction between Lacan and Deleuze-Guattari, considering their thought via Foucault. Singularity, split between the field of the subject and the symbolic place of political subjectivity, asserts itself where the individual denies him/herself as a subject by opposing and fighting the production of capital. The author exemplifies his thesis through two films: Inception (C. Nolan, 2010) and The Ghost Writer (R. Polanski, 2010). In the first one, the experience of a shared dream subverts the balance of power between the symbolic production and that of the capital. In the second film, the subject, denying his individuality, approaches what is common as a singularity which is created by a process of self-narration.