The Ambivalences of Animality
A Conversion with Nuccio Ordine
Edited by Bruno Roberti



Cinema and Animality
Massimo DonÓ

Planet of the Apes
Marco Mazzeo

Tommaso Ariemma

Animals in Film
Alessandro Cappabianca

Anthropocentrism and Science Fiction
Enrico Terrone

Rat Topographies: About the Art of Traveling Inside Mazes
Filippo Trasatti and Massimo Filippi

Differences Overshadow the Norm
Miriam Visalli

On the Verge of the Animal World
Valeria D’Agata

“When the animal enters the scene.” Why discuss animality, and why do it now?
Felice Cimatti

Metamorphosis and Animality: The Fly by Cronenberg
Massimo Fusillo

Animal Figures in The Tough by Salah Abu Seif
Ouissal Mejri

Allegorical Forms in The Hunt by Carlos Saura
Erica Buzzo

Au Hasard Balthazar: Theology and Art of Presence
SÚrgio Dias Branco

Every Man who Suffers is Butchered Meat: The Big Feast by Ferreri
Laura Busetta

Bye bye Monkey: the Reflected Animal
Francesco Netto

Allegory of Female Pleasure: The Beast by Borowczyk
Meris Nicoletto

Jaws, Totem Animal: between Creativity and Productive Spirit
Antonio Catolfi

The Distorted Mirror: Alice by Svankmajer
Francesca Veneziano

On Humans and Animals: About A Short Film About Killing by Kieślowski
Luca Venzi

Man and the Misleading Illusion: Human Nature by Gondry
Maria Chiara Gianolla

Between Man and Animal: Grizzly Man by Herzog
Silvia Vincis

The Paranoid Animal: My son, my son, what have ye done
Diego Mondella