The subject portrayed.
A Conversation with Julia Kristeva
Edited by Alessia Cervini and Bruno Roberti



Ejzenštejn and his one hundred years of solitude

Oksana Bulgakova

Time-lapse self portrait. Self portrait and metamorphosis
Federica Villa

The Self in Home Movies
Alice Cati

Carla Lonzi mirrored by the screen
Lucia Cardone

Hitchcock’s cameos as mental images
Marcello Walter Bruno

Andy Warhol in the mirror
Anna Luigia De Simone

Sokurov: self-portrait, Elegies, personal myth
Arianna Salatino

Life shaped
Rosamaria Salvatore

Homo mundus minor: the digital self-portrait
Denis Brotto

To Have and Have Not. Cavell’s philosophical memoirs
Simona Busni

A game of mirrors
Bruno Roberti

Zero Degrees Times Two
Marco Grosoli

Self-portrait as Bloom. Notes on Louise Bourgeois
Stefano Velotti

Something autobiographical in Depero’s unfinished work:
Gloria conquistata

Francesco Casetti, Paolo Dalla Sega

The Self-portrait of Film
Dario Cecchi

The Journey of G. Mastorna. A self-portrait without a face
Alessio Scarlato

Self-portrait with mother and whore
Enrico Terrone

Setting memory. Photography and memory in Karin’s Face

Fabio Pezzetti Tonion

Ghost autobiography. Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg
Francesca Veneziano

Self-portrait of Sand: The Beaches of Agnès
Clio Nicastro

Generation Kill: on the self-portrait gesture
Lorenzo Donghi

Where she is not. The utopian address of nostalgia
Giacomo Coggiola

Peter Forgács: “Notes from the underground”

Claudia Barolo

Unstable self-portrait. The use of self-portrait on Facebook’s profile
Simona Pezzano

Gender and identity: Claude Cahun’s photography
Federica D’Amico, Caterina Martino

Ritrarsi. On some of the self-portraits by Francesca Woodman
Antonietta Petrelli

Self-recognition: Face 2 Face by JR and Marco

Emanuele Crescimanno

“Je sais à quoi tu pense”: JLG/JLG
Laura Busetta

On the beginning of Histoire(s) du cinéma - 2a
Luca Venzi