Where the Tale Originates
A Conversation with Edgar Reitz
Edited by Alessia Cervini and Bruno Roberti



The Image Without Origin

Roberto De Gaetano

The Seduction of Movement in Early Cinema
Erica Buzzo

Origins in Kracauer
Robert Bonamy

Dialectical Images in Soviet cinema of the Twenties
Massimo Olivero

The Scandal of the Origin: the Cinematic Incipit
Valentina Re

Unusual Double Origin in the Exercise of Eyesight
Anna Poli

Urbs et Civitas: the Fragmentation of Identity in the Cinematic City
Daniela Cardone

The Infinite Origin of Cinematic ‘Superheroes’

Federico Pagello

African Cinema: Birth (of the Image) of the Nation
Andreina Campagna

The Origin of Vortex
Alessandro Cappabianca

The Origin Seen as Common Matter
Salvatore Tedesco

The Concept of ‘Plural Origin’ in Cécile Fontaine’s Cinema
Lucia Tralli

Jules and Jim: the Emergence of the Desire-image
Jacopo Bodini

On Order and On Disorder: De Oliveira’s Voyage to the Beginning of the World
Claudio Di Minno

Mekas, Thoreau and the Notion of Return.  Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania
Luigi Porto

Travelling South: Stolen Children
Roberta Rosini

Solaris: the Origin as the End
Andrea Amoroso

Back to the Origin: The White Diamond
Claudia Barolo

The Avoided Origin in The Five Obstructions
Claudio Rozzoni

Searching for an Origin: Fringe by J.J. Abrams
Franco Marineo

The Twofold Re-elaboration of the Myth of Origin in WALL•E
Marco Luceri

The Utopia of the Origin: Guests by Krzysztof Wodiczko
Miriam De Rosa

The Spiral and the Fold: Broken Embrances by Almodóvar
Anna Caterina Dalmasso

The Genesis of a Degeneration. The Torbid White in Haneke
Sara Matetich

The Origin of German Identity in August Sander’s Photographic Archive
Caterina Martino

The ‘Cosmic Poetry’ of The Tree of Life
Diego Mondella