The Visual Power of the Rite
A Conversation with Francesco Faeta
Edited by Alessia Cervini and Carmelo Marabello



The Re-made Subject. The Hypnotic Device and Cultural Construction of the Cinematic Rite
Ruggero Eugeni

Ex voto suscepto: Sharing Personal Images on the Web
Martina Panelli

Cinema and the Rituals of Seance
Alessandro Cappabianca

Rituality and Re-enactment
Franco Marineo

“I Love You So Much That I Have to Kill You!”. Functions of the Rite in the Arts
Giovanni Festa

The Hybrid Rite of Violence
Carlo Fanelli

Consecrating September 11:  Here is New York. A Democracy of Photographs
Emanuele Crescimanno

The Rite (of the) Unfinished: Jess Franco and the Obsession with Sade
Nicola Apicella

Jocus in Fabula or the Bold Sacred in Monteiro’s cinema
Francesco Giarrusso

The Technique and the Magic. Fellini, the Rite of the Set and the ‘Italian Way to See’
Andrea Minuz

Trance and Enchantment. The Triviality of the Rite in Good Morning, Night
Dario Tomasello

On the Threshold of the Rite. Notes on a Filmic Corpus by Jean Rouch
Carmelo Marabello

Cinema that Will Come. Modernity and Archetypes in The Mad Masters
Saverio Zumbo

Vertov’s Cinema at the Origin of the Cult of Lenin
Dunja Dogo

Cinematic Rites in Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of Will
Antioco Floris

Repetition and Difference: the Staging of the Rite in Ford’s How Green Was My Valley

Massimo Olivero

Ponza’s ‘Savages’ and De-ritualization. An Un-filmed Scene of The Adventure
Federico Vitella

The Rituality of Gaming and the Experimentation of the Sacred. Jacques Demy’s La Baie des Anges
Katia Paronitti

The Rite Between Seduction and Sacrifice: Carmelo Bene’s Don Giovanni
Gianluca Pulsoni

The Exorcist
and the Rite
Antonio Catolfi

Returnances. On the Origin, on the Rite, on Trance in Artavazd Pelešjan’s Cinema
Patrizia Fantozzi

Bonds of Blood. The Rite, Tragedy and the Impossibility of History in Abel Ferrara’s The Funeral
Fabio Pezzetti Tonion

Cosmologies of Mimesis and Rituals of Minorities: Patricio Guzmŕn’s Nostalgia de la Luz
Beatrice Buzi

Being Contemporary. Notes on Alessandro Piva’s Pasta Nera
Ivana Margarese

Beyond Cinematic Rituality. Tsai Ming-liang’s Goodbye, Dragon Inn
Francesca Ferrara

The Rituality of Gestures: Weerasethakul’s Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Clio Nicastro