The Common is a Field of Forces
A Conversation with Mario Martone
edited by Bruno Roberti



The Italian Way. The Ideology of Comedy and the Construction of a Common Sense

Emiliano Morreale

The Imaginary (in) Common. Acting Styles and Italian Koinè in the Early 1960s
Gabriele Rigola

Can an Image of the Common Exist?
Francesco Ceraolo

Technomorphs, Libertines, and Acéphale’s Plotters
Giovanni Festa

The Keepers of a Catastrophe
Sieglinde Borvitz

The Commonplace of the Avant-Garde
Enrico Camporesi

The Death Sequence in Film and Video Games
Riccardo Fassone

Community in Motion: the Soviet Film-train of the Thirties
Massimo Olivero

A Soviet Film: Bezhin Meadow
Alessio Scarlato

Ejzenštejn on the Put in Common: Editing and the Chronotope
Pascal Rousse

We Were There: Kennedys Kinder. Reitz’s Fuchsbau
Patrizia Fantozzi

The Individual in Mass Society. Vidor’s The Crowd
Rossella Catanese

Reality Means To Serve, To Deny, To Change: Jean Renoir’s The Crime of Monsieur Lange
Claudio Di Minno

Interior-day: the Common Space in Philippe Garrel’s Le vent de la nuit
Chiara Rubessi

A Swedish Commune in Moodysson’s Together
Antonio Catolfi

The Invention of a Common World: De Oliveira’s Porto of My Childhood
Guillaume Bourgois

Conveying Images to Community: Rithy Panh’s S-21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine
Massimiliano Coviello

The Common Means Hope. Martone’s Noi credevamo
Alessia Cervini