Giving Credit to the Gaze
A Conversation with Marie-José Mondzain
edited by Daniele Dottorini



Credit Money and Cinematic Perception
Morgan Adamson

Cinema and Hysteria: the Incredulous Gaze
Arianna Salatino

To Profane the Host. Jean Louis Schefer, Perceval (and Cinema)
Enrico Camporesi

"Who Do You Say I Am?". C.T. Dreyer’s Jesus
Alessio Scarlato

The Image and Its Credit
Francesco Ceraolo

The Ethics of the World Viewed: Cinema, Language and Credence
Simona Busni

The Living Eye is Better Than the One Portrayed
Giovanni Festa

The Credibility of Surrealist Images
Stefania Schibeci

Author’s Aporias
Veronica Gaia di Orio

Gambling Cinema
Adriano D’Aloia

The Casino as a Metaphor
Marco Grosoli

Upon the Crisis of the Cartographic Reason of Cinema
Giorgio Avezzù

John Grierson: Freedom of Cinema and Confinement of the Real
Matteo Pollone

Aesthetics and Politics of Poor Life
Nicola Perugini and Francesco Zucconi

The Credit of Truth
Daniele Dottorini

Journey to Italy. The Belief Beyond Illusion
Roberto De Gaetano

‘Istant film’ and strategies of Authentication in Love in the City
Federico Vitella

‘Nearing Truth’. Epstein’s Finis Terrae
Chiara Tognolotti

The Decentred Origin of the Sense
Alessandra Merlo

The Necessity of the Credit: Peter Watkins’ The War Game
Elisa Mandelli

Carmelo Bene: The Dis-credit of Cinema
Massimo Canepa

In the trace of  Marker's  Immemory
Anna Caterina Dalmasso

Still Life: Death Nature with Banknote
Marco Dalla Gassa

Person of Interest and the Praise of the Doubt
Miriam Visalli

Images That Affect Us. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Massimiliano Coviello