The Fallacy of Reality. A Conversation with Walter Siti
edited by Alessia Cervini and Daniele Dottorini



Meanings of the Real in the Television Realm
Enrico Menduni

Expropriations of Reality
Marco Bertozzi

The Image Between Cast and Calculus
Christian Uva

Strategies of Digital Realism
Simone Arcagni

The Accomplishment of the Photographic Object in Time
Marco Grosoli

Vision of the Real. John Berger and the Construction of the Image
Denis Brotto

Based On A True Story
Franco Marineo

From Ready-Made Films to Films in the Making
Jerome P. Schaefer

Real Eye Say Shun: Charades
Patrizia Fantozzi

The Mumblecore and American Independent Cinema
Hamilton Santià

Where is Your Rupture? The Return of the Real on the Screens of Repetition
Martina Panelli

Christine Reeh

From Verismo to Mirrorism
Enrico Terrone

The Mimetic Status of the Colour in Contemporary Cinema
Federico Pierotti

The Painted Mountain
Sofia Bonicalzi

Real, Flagrancy, Spectrality
Alessandro Cappabianca

Hyperreal. Cinema, Phenomenology and Wax Statues
Pietro Conte

Realism of the Lacanian Gaze
Pietro Bianchi

Shipwrecks Without a Raft: the Real in Buñuel’s Cinema
Rosamaria Salvatore

Fantomachie. Jacques Derrida and the Spectrality of the Real
Fabrizio Palombi


Salò’s Bodies and the Real of the Desire
Claudio Bisoni

Kinoglaz: The Reality of Revolution
Alessio Scarlato

Buñuel’s This Strange Passion. The Coup de Cloche and the Disaster of the Real
Arianna Salatino

The Film’s Real. On S : tream : S : S : ection : S : ection : S : S : ectioned by Sharits
Enrico Camporesi

The Indescribable Real of the Pantheon in Peter Greenaway’s The Belly of an Architect
Sun Jung Yeo

The Third Memory: Realms of Fiction in The Art of Pierre Huyghe
Luca Cinquemani

Werckmeister Harmonies: The Fight of ‘Astonishment’ Against the Real
Claudio Barolo

Due amici. The A-Real Cinema by Scimone and Sframeli
Katia Trifirò

Andrzej Dragan: Images of a New Medial Scenary
Francesco Parisi

Cinema and the Access to the True: Dormant Beauty
Marina Pellanda

Before the Real: Bertolucci’s Me and You
Francesco Ceraolo