The Mask is Emptiness. A Conversation with Toni Servillo
edited by Bruno Roberti



Naked, Dressed, Black Masks
Roberto De Gaetano

On a Few Things That Masks Can Show
Stefano De Matteis

Ghosts and Masks
Alessandro Cappabianca

Mask, Deformation, Parody in Italian Cinema
Laura Busetta

The Unenvious Glance: Cinema and the Mask of the Ideal Ego
Daniela Angelucci

Lon Chaney’s Masque
Sergio Arecco

On the Survival of the Primordial in Neorealist Cinema
Giuseppe Fidotta

The Archaic Wisdom of Images
Giuseppe Armogida

«Laghing Out Loud». Vis comica in Tontolini and Cretinetti’s Masks
Rossella Catanese

Facework: the Spectacle of Identity in Digital Media
Giulio Lughi

Androgynous and Post-human Masks
Carlo Fanelli

Subject and Compulsion towards Death in Bergman
Fabio Pezzetti Tonion

Masks of Power in Contemporary Cinema
Cristina Jandelli

Women-Fantômas: Figures of Ambiguity in the Early 19th Century
Monica Dall’Asta


«They Are Nothing But Strange Robots Playing an Unknown Grim Comedy»: on Neuropathology
Maria Ida Bernabei

To Be or Not to Be. On Lubitsch’s Mask
Antonio Iannotta

The Mask as Prophesy: Lattuada’s La freccia nel fianco
Marcello Seregni

The audacity of the mask: Ophüls’ The Pleasure
Claudio Di Minno

On Fake Whiskers and a Pair of Glasses: Tellini’s Prima di sera
Alberto Beltrame

On the Origin of the Melodramatic in Senso
Francesco Ceraolo

Disguise, Norm, Impasse: Jerry Lewis’ The Big Mouth
Matteo Pollone

Identity Crisis and Role-Playing in The Third Generation
Alessandra Chiarini

Amorous Forms of the Mask in Bright Star
Glenda Franchin

From Teorema to Borgman. The Twenthieth Century Dyonisian Mask
Katia Trifirò

The Face of Loneliness: Il divo
Diego Mondella

Masking of the Visible and Logics of Accumulation: The Great Beauty
Gabriele Rigola