From Action to Performance. A Conversation with Richard Schechner
edited by Alessia Cervini



It Happens Now, But Does it Really? Paradoxes of Synchronicity
Gian Paolo Caprettini

The 1910s American Theory: «action, action, ACTION!»
Michele Guerra

Eisenstein and the Bullfighting Action
Giovanni Festa

About the Limits of an ‘Action Poem’ on Film
Francesco Zucconi

Trasumanar e organizzar per imagine
Nicola Turrini

Carmelo Bene, When the Act Lacerates the Action
Patrizia Fantozzi

Screwing the Idiot. The Dramatic Action in Lars von Trier
Paolo D’Alonzo

Regimes of the Expertise, Passions of the Technique
Andrea Mariani

From Interactive to Enactive Cinema
Adriano D’Aloia

What is the Action Genre?
Nils Bothmann

Action and Transformation in Contemporary American Cinema
Roy Menarini



Shutter Island’s Unresolvable Grief
Pietro Montani

Max Ophüls, or the Variable Balance
Chiara Tognolotti

The Single Action: Dillinger is Dead
Alessandro Canadč

Duane Michals’s Photo-Sequences
Caterina Martino

City Slivers: Transformative Actions of the Urban Space in Matta-Clarck’s Artwork
Luca Cinquemani

Fragment/Action: John Woo’s Face/Off
Anton Giulio Mancino

‘Anima vagula blandula’: Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
Francesca Scotto Lavina

Vik Muniz Encounter with the Contadores in Waste Land
Erica Buzzo

Black Mirror and the Medial En(Action)
Francesco Parisi

The Body of Inaction. Amir Naderi’s Cut
Andrea Inzerillo

Tableau Vivant as the Strategy of Action. Majewski’s The Mill and the Cross
Miriam De Rosa

Wait, Action, Memory in Miguel Gomes’ Tabu
Federico Pierotti

The Act of Killing. The Impunity and Performativity of Memory
Alice Cati