In the Body of the Device. A Conversation with Tsukamoto Shin’ya
edited by Bruno Roberti



Turning in Circles. Horses, Carousels and Metacinema of Mechanical Motion
Thomas Elsaesser

The Thousands Blue Flowers: Archaeology of the Device
Massimo Locatelli

Bodies and Devices: A Cognitive Perspective
Francesco Parisi

L’“acinéma” of the Web
Dario Cecchi

The Cinematic Device Between Psychoanalysis And Ideology
Ismaela Goss

The Strategy of Cinema
Giuseppe Armogida

Vision and Sharing: In the Beginning There Was Cinema
Rossana Domizi

Archaeology of the Impression of Reality
Giancarlo Grossi

Amateur Film Archive, Dispositif and Digital Remediation
Diego Cavallotti

Cinema and Right: Crossed Devices
Anton Giulio Mancino

The Ideology of Disenchantment and Violation. The Renegotiation of a Geometry of the Spectacle
Giorgio Avezzù

Nicola Turrini

Arrange and Display. The Cinematic Matter in Contemporary Art
Francesco Federici

We Are the Device
Cristiano Dalpozzo

The Eye and the Object. Notes on Visibility
Alessandra Merlo

Ciprì and Maresco: the Cynical Device of the Shapeless
Dalila D’Amico

What Remains of Cinema
Luca Malavasi



Device ‘Cinema’. Re-seeing Prénom Carmen
Massimo Donà

The Conquest of Space: the Explorer Georges Méliès
Francesco Giarrusso

Natural and Artificial: the Photographic Eye in Franz Roh
Emanuele Crescimanno

Notes on the Dutch Angle in Ubaldo Magnaghi’s Synthesis and Symphonies
Andrea Mariani

Critique of the Confessional Device: Todo modo
Giacomo Tagliani

Between Appropriation and ‘Cinematization’: Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills
Alessandra Chiarini

The Paradox of 3D. The Stereoscopy in Journey to the Center of the Earth
Federico Vitella

Vedozero. Interrogating the Apparatus of Vision
Anna Caterina Dalmasso

Self-reflexivity of the Apparatus as Intermedial Dialectics. I Wish I Knew by Jia Zhangke
Pietro Masciullo

The Practice of De-subjectivation of the Video-Game Device: Source Code
Salvatore Finelli

Gondry’s Combine Movie and Hypomedia Devices. The We and the I
Vincenzo Tauriello

Selfie-Control. The Device that Pictures Itself
Marco Dalla Gassa

Paolo Godani