The Space of Memory. A Conversation with Amos Gitai
edited by Bruno Roberti



Rites of Memory and Ritual Memory
Stefano De Matteis

Backshadowing. Images of the Past Containing Shadows of the Future
Alice Cati

Memory and Post-colonial Nostalgia
Olimpia Affuso

From Archive-memory to Functional Memory
Angela Maiello

Mémoires d’Outre-Tombe: Eisenstein and Proust
Giovanni Festa

Displaced Memories in Chantal Akerman
Claudia Barolo

Ashes and Snow. On Resnais Late Works
Giulia Fanara

Cine-photographic Memories. The Archival Syndrome of Modernity
Federica Muzzarelli

Memory and photography
Marcello Walter Bruno

Moving Statues. Stardom, Actoriality and Memory of the Ancient
Barbara Grespi




Napalm Girl
Enrico Menduni

The Transformation of Memory: DeMille’s Joan the Woman
Marion Polirsztok

Evoking and Denying Autobiographical Memories in It’s a Wonderful Life
Francesca Scotto Lavina

Silvana and the Bajón: Memories of a Cinematic (Re)Birth
Simona Busni

The Tragedy of the Golf Player. Comic Gesture and Memory in the Cinema of Jacques Tati
Lorenzo Rossi

Michele in the Land of Memory. De Seta’s A Man in Half
Saverio Zumbo

Memory and The Armenian Question. On a sequence of Men Years Life
Gianluca Pulsoni

For posterity. About Le tombeau d’Alexandre
Ivelise Perniola

Recalling. L’amore molesto and the Body of the Mother
Lucia Cardone

An Icon of Memory
Alessio Scarlato

Memory Through Sound Images: «…addio del passato...» by Bellocchio
Francesco Verona

Amnesia of Film. Digital Phantoms in Deanimated
Tommaso Isabella

The Screen of Recalling: Censored Memory in The Butterfly Effect
Salvatore Finelli

Prosthetic Memories. Photographs and False Memories
Francesco Parisi

A Meditation on Memory: Erice’s La morte rouge
David Bruni

Interview Project. Landscape, Experience, Web
Sara Pesce