The Life of the Screen. A Conversation with Francesco Casetti
edited by Roberto De Gaetano



New Challenges for the Theory of Cinema
Pietro Montani

The Distinction Between Medium and Form. Luhmann and the Question of the Dispositif
Antonio Somaini

Experience and Poverty of Cinema. The Truth of the Image
Salvatore Tedesco

Cinema as a Generative Machine
Paolo Bertetto

From Praise to Elegy. Ambitions and Positions of the Theory of Cinema
Michele Guerra

The Dance of Nature, the Ballet of Theory. Theory of Film and Experimental Sciences
Ruggero Eugeni

Positive Science
Massimo Locatelli

On the Origins of Picture Making
Michele Cometa

Cinema Between Theory and Heterotopia
Massimo Doną

Making Philosophy Between and Through Screens
Mauro Carbone

Identity, Analysis, Resonance: On the Relationship Between Cinema and Philosophy
Daniela Angelucci

On Concepts Created by Cinema: Žižek with Deleuze
Daniele Dottorini

Conflict, Disjunction, Condition: Cinema and Theory in the Philosophy of Alain Badiou
Bruno Besana and Pietro Bianchi

The Relations Between Media in the Era of Convergence
Federico Zecca

A Suivre: Yet on Cinema
Alessia Cervini

Between Rebuild Pasts and Anticipated Futures. The Concept of Digital in the Theories of Cinema
Valentino Catricalą

‘Taken as Real’: Fandom and Narrative Strategies in Supernatural
Valentina Re

The Dynamic Square and the Rectangle of Attention. For a Theory of the Practices of Staging
Vito Zagarrio

Somatic Culture and Writings of the Self
Federica Villa



Fontcuberta, the Theory of Post-Photography
Marcello Walter Bruno

The Organizer: a Dialectical Comedy
Gian Piero Consoli

Who Saw Them Dying?
Anton Giulio Mancino

The Spectator’s Emotions in The Silence of the Lambs
Francesca Scotto Lavina

Soft Cinema: Creativity, Software and Automation
Luca Cinquemani

“Iconoclash” in Cowboys & Aliens
Vincenzo Tauriello

Public Enemies. Survivals of an Imaginary in Digital Cinema
Pietro Masciullo