Ghosts of Love. A Conversation with Nadia Fusini
edited by Bruno Roberti




Figures of Loneliness in Love
Rosamaria Salvatore

Dangerous Relationships: Spectatorship and Images Between Cinema and Visual Arts
Luca Malavasi, Lorenzo Ratto

Scissors, Album and Stationery. ‘Hollywood’ as Fan Magazine
Federico Vitella

The Phantom of Eros in Late Bunuel
Salvatore Finelli

The Physicality of the Desiring Gaze
Rossana Domizi

The (Im)Possible Couples of Noir Cinema
Lorenzo Marmo

Inquiry on Love
Anton Giulio Mancino

Broken Medium
Nicola Turrini

A Method of Postmodern Love in Mumblecore
Julia Huggins

Love is Morality: Godard as a Film Critic
Luca Venzi


A Film in the Mirror. Rossellini’s Amore
Stefania Parigi

Love and Incommunicability: Jacques Demy’s Le bel indifférent
Katia Paronitti

In the Heart of Men. Rossellini’s India Matri Bhumi
Patrizia Fantozzi

The Choice of Loneliness: Pietrangeli’s La parmigiana
Esther Hallé

The Man who Loved Women. Nihilism, Seduction, Historicity of Desire
Jacopo Bodini

What You Cannot See: De Oliveira’s Le soulier de Satin
Claudio Di Minno

Children Love Us: The Flavour of Corn
Claudio Bisoni

Love and Representation in Almodovar’s Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
Anna Masecchia

Tu ridi. Marital Love Between Pirandello and the Taviani Brothers
Katia Trifirò

Cinema Maybe. Probably Love
Arianna Salatino

Love, Law, Desire in Sion Sono’s Love Exposure
Giancarlo Maria Grossi

Times of Eros, Times of Bíos. Starting from Andreas Dresen’s Wolke 9
Agostino Cera

Amour e amours: Pathology of a Feeling in Michael Haneke’s Cinema
Marco Cocco

From Schnitzler to Ophuls: the Transfiguration of Love in Liebelei
Luciano De Giusti