Deconstructing the Obviousness of the Objects. A Conversation with Remo Bodei
edited by Daniele Dottorini




Antonio Costa

The Thing Seen from the Thing. Merleau-Ponty (Lacan) and Antonioni
Felice Cimatti

Cinema of the Universe. Matter and Image from Bergson a Deleuze
Giulio Piatti

The Reverse of Things in the Work of Gianikian and Ricci Lucchi
Cosetta Saba

The Imprinting of Things. Theory and History of Photo-gram
Caterina Martino

Images and Things
Andrea Rabbito

The Meaning of Many Things
Anton Giulio Mancino

The Aesthetics of the visagéité
Francesca Scotto Lavina

The Thing in Stop-motion. Animation Cinema
Alberto Boschi

The Rear of Things in Antonio Pietrangeli’s Cinema
Rosamaria Salvatore



Action camera. The Eye of the Anthropocene?
Francesco Zucconi

The Mechanics of the Ballet and the Drama of Objects
Rossella Catanese

Vertov, Commodities and Their Secret
Agnese Azzarelli

Raíces. The Thing as a Pre-Columbian Ruin
Giovanni Festa

On the Carillion of Ensayo de un crimen
Stefania Schibeci

Baudrillard and the Photographic Thing
Marcello Walter Bruno

There is Some-Thing Anyway. On Ceylan’s  Uzak
Domenico Spinosa

The Man Without a Past: Live Traces of Unusual Objects
Francesco Verona

Things Reduced to Objects: The Wolf of Wall Street
Nicola Stefani

Gravity: the Tangible Consistency of Space
Dario Cecchi